Welcome to the beta version of the new web browser version of the Environmental Planning Tool. In order to keep up with changes in the way people use and interact with data a brand new pure Web 2.0 EPT has been developed. It will suit casual uses of the EPT where you may want to quickly look up some environmental and planning information in an area without the necessity of downloading a desktop application. New functions are being rapidly developed for the Web EPT. Keep watching this space.

The web browser EPT verion operates without requiring the Java plug-in and will run in any modern web browser. However, it contains less features than the old Java plug-in version due to limitations of the web browser environment. To access the full capabilities of the EPT, consider using the desktop version available for PCs and Macs.

The old Java applet version of the EPT is no longer supported.

This website was established to enable viewing of a spatial model representing the Regional Framework for Local Biodiversity Conservation Priorities for Perth and Peel.

In 2013-2014, the data coverage for many data layers was extended to the whole Western Australia and new functionality to assist with natural area management planning, monitoring and communication with other users and is now known as the Environmental Planning Tool Public Version.


  • Instant reporting functionality allowing desktop assessment at property or reserve, groups of properties, structure plan area levels or for any area of interest;
  • An easy guide for interpreting the information;
  • Regional context for local decisions, including results of various natural area prioritization studies;
  • Range of tools for natural area management and monitoring, including ability to download GPS coordinates;
  • Tools allowing information exchange among users as project files or as GIS files compatible with commercial GIS software packages.


  • Quickly collate desktop assessment information at property, reserve, subdivision, structure plan level or any area of interest;
  • Inform Local Natural Area prioritisation conservation planning;
  • Inform strategic and statutory land use planning;
  • Natural area management planning and monitoring;
  • Design and plan for restoration of reserves and ecological linkages;
  • And any other activity requiring consideration of environmental matters.


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Environmental Planning Tool Public Version

Terms and Conditions of Use

The Environmental Planning Tool Public Version provides access to spatial layers developed as part of the natural area modelling undertaken for the Regional framework for Local Biodiversity Conservation priorities for Perth and Peel project. The Mapping Viewer provides free access to these layers and other relevant environmental and environmental policy layers from various sources. If you wish to access the Information you must first read the following conditions:

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